Total Chemical Solutions

Is a unique service proposition, which can offer a wide range of chemicals which we have grown over the years for specific sectors. We offer over 150 different chemicals solutions for Spa's Chemicals, Agricultural Chemicals and a wide range of Car Cleaning Chemicals and that's not all.  The team at Total Chemical Solutions are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and helping you on your journey to finding the right chemical solution for your business.

Simply click on the company name for the sector you wish to review chemicals on and if at any point you don't find what you need simply email sales@totalchemicalsolutions.co.uk with your specific requirements and we will investigate what you need and drop you a line back within 48hrs or simply click on the website link to view more totalchemicalsolutions.com
We also support the trade sector for drop ship deliveries, if you require prices please email sales@totalchemicalsolutions.co.uk.

Total Chemical Solutions
A broad spectrum of chemicals for a range of business all from one supplier, in addition we also offer on-site audits, fresh start training, spa, pool & water chemical solutions, safe management of spa water, legionella compliance - need support today? Simply call or email and we will be right with you.

The PoolChem Store

Stocks all your needs to manage your pool effectively, from a full range of sanitisers, water balancing (pH), TA, copper algicides, cleaners and much more. All of our products conform to the Biocidal Product Regulations, so you can order with confidence. We also have a home and professional range. If you have any questions regarding your spa or hot tub, feel free to contact us!

The WaterChem Store
The WaterChem store stocks and holds a quality range and competitively priced water treatment chemicals, whether your disinfecting water storage units, cooling towers through to servicing of thermostatic mixing values, closed system inhibitors, one shot water boiler treatments the WaterChem store has it here for you!

The Housekeeping Store

We know housekeeping is hard work, Total Chemical Solutions has a store for your needs. Let us put the ease into your ordering! We carry all the products needed for a sparkling hotel or self-catering rental, from kitchen and bathroom cleaners to wood polish. Ask us about our housekeeping chem range & housekeeping chem pro range!

The CarChem Store
You’re known for your quality vehicles, let us help you put the finishing touch on their appearance. Our CarChem product line has wax, polish, window cleaner and more in two distinct ranges to choose from, including our luxury range, at your finger tips.

The AgriChem Store
We stock a vast array products which including herbicides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, molluscicides, insecticides and other adjuvants all quality grade and of high standards. Stocking and holding a large selection of products we are able to provide an efficient delivery service, ensuring short lead times from store to door. AgriChem holds a wide range of veterinary chemicals ready at your disposal.

The PlumbChem Store
The PlumbChem store is all you need one stop shop for leak sealants, underfloor heating inhibitors, system neutralisers, super concentrate protectors, system cleaners and flushing products all quality chemicals and competitively priced for all your plumbing needs the PlumbChem store has it here for you, message us today!

The SpaFilter Store
At SpaChem we sell spa and hot tub filter for a wide variety of spa's, with industry leading filter fabrics, including a range of microban filters. 100% Polyurethane elastomer, with no fillers which cause product weaknesses, ABS injection moulded end caps which are strong and durable.
The information below includes all of the filter codes that you need to ensure you are purchasing the correct filter for your hot tub.

VetChem Pro
New division to the TCS range VetChem Pro stocks a vast array products which including Acetic, Acetone, Calcium Lactate, Distilled Water, Iodine, Sodium and many more ranges available all quality grade and of high standards. VetChem Pro is on hand to deliver to short lead times from store to door.

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